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About Us :

Niru Danesh Espadana is a privately held company found in 2005. The company has created a reputation for being a “high quality” and “on time” provider in Iran’s highly competitive market. In general, our list of current completed projects includes oil and gas industry, supplying parts of power plants, substation design and installation, electric motors and part supplying of steel companies. Niru Danesh Espadana contributes with a lot of skilled and experienced engineers to manage its EPS projects. To make sure of on time service and procurement we are in close connection with several reputable companies around the world.

Mohammad Saleh Soleimani, CEO

Mohammad Saleh Soleimani has been in the business from 2003. He was president in Behineh Niru company active in procurement of equipment such as substation and electric motors for different industries around Iran. Now, Mr. Soleimani retains 90% of the stock in Niru Danesh Espadana a well-known company for Iran’s industry. He has received a sheer number of certificates in economic management and business.